Saturday, July 4, 2009

Love Repeated

Campers all over the country have been Love Repeated to hundreds of residents in 20 communties in the month of June. As the new staffs take over in July we want to focus on our theme Love Repeated. Love Repeated means taking the love that we are shown by our families and friends and duplicateing that love to those all we come in contact with. So far in 2009 we have had 5000 campers take that love and show it to all they have come in contact with, it truely has been something special. As we embark on the second half of the summer, we hope that the love that has happened already will not only serve as an example to those who follow, but contine to grow and spread to the commmunites that campers return to. Here is the theme song performed by the person who wrote it Jon Niven, in Charlotte, NC.

We pray for safe travels and that everyone will find a way to repeat the love they have received.


  1. i heard PJ sing this song in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in '09 and it was so touching. i love this song so unbelievably much.


  2. me to!
    it was amazing... i couldn't stop singing it after!

  3. Jon, what a talent you have been gifted with. I am so blessed to have met you this summer and "heard" your pure Love Repeated! I look forward to the opportunity to meet up again.
    Joel, Greensboro

  4. cant stop replaying this song . loved it live