Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CHWC loves its Priests!

Catholic HEART Workcamp has been blessed with many youth friendly, spirit centered and fantastic priests. Over 90 Priests were involved either as campers or camp chaplains this past summer!
Just to name of few that have been instrumental are: Fr. Geoff Rose, Fr. Ed McCarthy, Fr. Jeff Lucas, Fr. Jeremy Wind, Fr. Karl Bergin, Fr. Kevin McCarthy, Fr. Steve Bauman, Fr. Scott Thomas, Fr. Rich Litzasa, Fr. Mike Marone, and Fr. Tom Reilly. Let’s support our priests and thank the good Lord for them.

There was an article written on one of the priests involved with CHWC in a Lexington, Kentucky newspaper. Here is part of the article.

It’s safe to say that Fr. Norman Fischer is not your typical Catholic priest. As the son of an African-American father and Filipino mother, he is one of a relatively few priests of color in the United States. But the most atypical characteristic about Fischer belies his appearance and confounds even the stereotypes. The beloved “Father Norm” just loves to have a good time. Whether he’s rapping the homily for high school students, jumping up and down during mass at his church, or dancing the night away after performing a wedding ceremony, Fischer’s penchant for fun and celebratory spirit are evident in nearly everything he does. He’s the priest, who loves to perform skits and recite poetry; the one who is comfortable leaving the confines of the podium and running up and down the aisles to preach the Gospel. “I really believe there’s a great synergy with faith and fun,” said Fischer, the chaplain at Lexington Catholic High School and pastor at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church in Lexington. After all, Fischer says, “Jesus had good times,” why shouldn’t his followers? “In the spirit of love, anything is possible.” The secret to Fischer’s success? Aside from spiritual guidance from God, he attributes his success as a priest to an ability to relate to people – no matter their age, no matter their background, no matter their race. “I can’t see myself not relating to everyone,” he said. And relating to people means “I meet them where they are.”

Here is Fr. Norm during one of his homilies at CHWC in Eagle Pass, TX.

Thank You Jesus for Fr. Norm’s ministry and using him to touch so many with God’s love.

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